Frequently Asked Questions:


  • What is a trust seal and how can it help?
  • It has been shown time and time again through A/B split testing that your credibility and sales can soar by placing a trust seal on your website.


    A trust seal is an image that tells the visitor or customer that you can be trusted. It contains the current day's date, your website's domain name along with the status of the trust seal, eg: Active. Your website visitor or customer can then (if they so choose) click on the trust seal to see the details you or your business have verified to be accurate and true. This informantion can include your verified email address, phone number and physical address.


    Customers these days are very wary of websites whose sole purpose is to scam people. Those scammers make it very difficult for customers to tell the difference between a legitimate website and a website that is owned by a scammer, spammer or hacker.


    Placing a Trust Seal on your website shows your visitors and customers that you are a legitimate and real person or business that takes their privacy and security seriously. Visitors and customers need to know that they can order safely and securely from your website without worry about billing problems or spam in their email inbox. Placing at least one trust seal on your website tells them that they can trust you and that it is safe to do business with you through your website.

  • What are my options for using trust seals?
  • Trust Sealed have 5 different trust seals to choose from. You can subscribe to use all 5 if needed or you can choose how many you need down to a single trust seal. More information on each trust seal can be found on this page here.

  • Which one is best for me?
  • It really depends on your needs, for example, if you are selling products or services the 'Safe Pay Certified' and 'Security Certified' and 'Business Certified' trust seals are a good choice. You can also include the 'Privacy Certified' trust seal for extra reassurance. If you're a blogger, the 'Website Certified' and 'Privacy Certified' trust seals are probably a better choice when you're typically not selling anything.


    Take a look at the description next to each trust seal on this page here to decide for yourself how many trust seals you need.

  • How long does it take to set up?
  • We typically complete verification the same working day or next working day after all necessary information has been received by our team. We know you will want to get started as soon as possible so we do our best to make that happen as quickly as possible.

  • Is it easy to use a trust seal?

    It's really quite easy, if you can copy & paste then you are already qualified to use a trust seal. As soon as you sign up for the Trust Sealed service you will be given a simple set of HTML code to place on your web pages. Each trust seal will have it's own unique code so you can choose which trust seals to display on specific pages. You can even display all of your trust seals on the same pages if you wish.


    As soon as the verification process is complete your trust seals become active. While waiting for verification you can place the trust seal code on your webpages to see what they look like. Then from your Trust Sealed control panel you can choose to hide the seals so that they are not displayed on your website until verification is complete after which they will display the word 'Active' in green on them instead of the word 'Inactive' in orange.

  • I'm busy, can you do it for me?
  • Sure thing, drop us a request at the helpdesk. Please include details of your login information for your website, the location of the pages you want the trust seals placed on and where on those pages the trust seals should be shown then we'll do the rest. There is a small charge for this service but it is based on the number of pages you need the trust seals placed on. Don't forget to ask for a quote before any work is done on your behalf.


  • How many domains can I use my trust seal on?
  • Each trust seal comes in two styles, normal and wide. Each trust seal can be used on as many pages and subdomains as needed on a single domain.

    For example, if your domain is named dacoolest.com, then you can place your trust seal on dacoolest.com, www.dacoolest.com, subdomain1.dacoolest.com, subdomain2.dacoolest.com, and so on. Your second trust seal can be placed on that same domain or on a different domain if you wish. Same is true for your third, fourth or fifth trust seals.

    The important point is that each trust seal can be used on one domain only but all your trust seals do not need to be on the same domain.


    To use a trust seal (eg: Business Verified) on more than one domain you need to place a separate order to use that trust seal on any additional domain.


  • How many pages can I place my trust seals on?
  • You may place your trust seals on as many pages on your website as you like.


  • Is there a limit on the number of displays I generate for each trust seal?
  • Ideally we do not wish to impose a limit but to avoid abuse we have placed a maximum daily limit of 1 million views per seal. If you subscribed for a multi-trust seal package then you can multiply this figure by the number of trust seals in the package.


    For example, if you subscribed to a 3 seal package then your maximum daily allowance would be 3 million views for all 3 trust seals combined.


  • What happens if you try to bill me but my credit/debit account is temporarily overdrawn?
  • No need to worry, we understand this can happen and will grant you 2 weeks grace period to sort out your financial siutation. In any case we'll inform you if we were unable to bill you for the current term you just used.


  • Do you offer refunds?
  • This is a post-pay service where you pay after using Trust Sealed for a period of 30 days, every 30 days until you cancel. Since you didn't pay until after you used our service we are unable to refund time you've already used. However, if you chose to pay annually and you still have not used your full 12 months we can offer you a refund for the time you have not yet used.


    Remember, you are not billed until after the first 30 days have been used when subscribing for the monthly service or annual service.


  • How do I know you won't bill me even if I cancel within the first 30 days?
  • Simple, check your credit-card or PayPal statement. If you see an unauthorized charge from us (which has never happened) then call your credit-card company to invoke a chargeback or raise a dispute from inside your PayPal account. Credit card companies hate chargebacks and will support you the customer all the way. Same thing for PayPal, the vendor would have to prove why the charge was made and risk losing their account if it the charge was illegal.

  • How do I contact you for help?
  • We have a helpdesk where you can send us your questions or comments at any time. We'll do our best to answer you as quickly as possible. Please remember that we need to take a break for the weekends. This means that weekend support is limited but we are known to check in on the helpdesk from time to time over the weekend.

  • I want to order how do I do that?
  • Ordering is easy, simply fill out the order form along with the information requested for verification. After you follow the instructions on the information we need your trust seals will be activated as soon as verification is done. We typically complete verification the same working day or next working day after all necessary information has been received by our team.

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